Manufacturing & Quality

We designed our state-of-the-art, 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility with you in mind. From advanced quality planning, to the use of lean manufacturing principles, to advanced warehouse management systems we are the just-in-time manufacturer to meet all of your needs. Utilizing advanced robotics and a disciplined approach we ensure product reliability and repeatability in everything we manufacture.

TecAir Fan

Scientific Molding

Our molding specialists are a disciplined in their craft, utilizing the scientific method of molding. It allows us to deliver repeatable parts, so you are assured to get the same part today, tomorrow, even 10 years from now.

Precision Molding

We'll identify the proper materials, use in mold sensors and our proprietary testing methods to ensure our parts meet the tightest tolerances. It makes us the ideal choice for companies with demanding part specifications.

Multiple Material Molding

With two shot molding we accommodate two distinct materials, often a resin and a silicone, in a single mold. This technique gives you the unique benefits of each material for improved part and product performance.

Insert Molding

We improve part strength & integrity by encapsulating a component in thermoplastic, creating a single superior part. This technique reduces the number of components in an assembly and lowers manufacturing costs while increasing product reliability.

Decoupled Molding

Using this trademarked technique our technicians break down the molding process to provide unsurpassed repeatability for molded parts. Yet another reason why Tec Air is the choice for companies who demand precision.


Advanced robotic work cells allow automated in-process testing and packaging resulting in improved quality control while reducing costs.

Automated Material Handling

Our closed loop, computerized central material delivery system, improves productivity while eliminating contamination caused by manual material handling.


By preforming onsite assembly and assembly testing services, Tec Air adds even more value to your final product.


Tec Air specializes in air movement parts, creating fans for a wide range of products including appliances, medical devices & automobiles.

22" Engine Cooling Ring Fan
6.5" Refrigerator Condenser Fan�
20" Engine Cooling Fan

Draft Induced Blowers
Our precise molding techniques and expertise in vacuum assembly makes us the first choice to improve gas combustion performance.

Draft Induced Blower Assembly for 90+ Residential Furnaces

Balanced Blower Assemblies
Using 50 years of expertise and patented techniques for balancing dynamically rotating parts, we manufacture trusted blower assemblies.

Automotive HVAC Balanced Blower Assembly
Vacuum Fan Assembly for Ag Application
Ag Equipment Assembly

Blower Wheels
Our patented balancing technique makes us the ideal choice for manufacturing high performance, low noise fans.

HVAC Blower Wheel for Class A Truck Applications
Automotive HVAC Blower Wheel
Automotive HVAC Blower Wheel

Multi Material Molding
We'll strengthen your product and maximize airflow with our custom molded shroud and provide added value with on-site tested assembly.

Automotive HVAC 2 Shot Damper - Nissan
Automotive HVAC 2 Shot Damper - Nissan
Automotive HVAC 2 Shot Damper - Mercedes
Commercial HVAC (PTAC) 13" Slinger Ring Fan - Insert Molded

Kinematic Parts
Years of experience in the automotive industry pushed us to create superior kinematic parts for improved automotive heating and cooling.

Automotive HVAC Kinematic Assemblies - Links, Levers, Cams and Dampers
Automotive HVAC Kinematic Assemblies - Links, Levers, Cams and Dampers

Durable plastic molded impellers improve product performance and energy transfer.

13" Backward Inclined Impeller - Insert Molded